Sunday, July 7, 2013

Still Alive

Although I don't have an actual new post this week, I am still here. I figure you're probably a little burned out on books about Tudor England, so I decided not to do a full review on the last one I read: I, Elizabeth by Rosalind Miles (I will do a mini review at the end of this post). Hopefully I'll have a post of some sort for you next week, maybe something other than a book review if I can manage to whip it up. Also, I wanted to provide you this link to my Refugeek Pinterest board which has lots of anime/Doctor Who/Sherlock/video game related stuff.

I, Elizabeth is another historical fiction selection about the life of Elizabeth I. This one focuses on Elizabeth's two great loves: Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and his step-son Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex. The relationship between Elizabeth and Robert Dudley is, at it's core, a tragic love story on par with the likes of Romeo and Juliet. They were two people who loved each other deeply, but were destined to never be together. Later in life, Elizabeth was entrapped in a one-sided love with the Earl of Essex which had disastrous consequences for the Earl. This was an engrossing read. Even if you haven't previously read much about Elizabeth, I think that you will still find this interesting. 

Also, if any of you got the reference from the post title, this video is for you (also, the cake is a lie):

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